Detailing Center:

Timely and regular detailing will keep your vehicles exterior and interior looking great. Painted surfaces, leather, fabric, plastic and vinyl surfaces will look, smell and feel better longer when properly cared for. So it makes sense to think of detailing in a new way, a way in which you can maintain that new car feel and also protect your investment. Check out our full-service automotive detailing center today!

Prices shown for the detail packages are for cars only. Oversize charges apply to full-size vans, SUV's, pick ups and stretch limousines, etc. Call or ask a manager for exact pricing. For appointment call 540-633-1700.

Note: Express Maintenance Services include Silver Wash.

#1 Full Detail Package - $164.95

  • Interior detail package #2
  • Hand wax and buff
  • Surface preparation: bugs, tar, etc.
  • Wax surface with orbital buffer
  • Polish chrome wheels
Time: Approximately 8 hours (Appointment Required)
#2 Interior Detail Package - $124.95

  • Vacuum interior carpets and seats
  • Shampoo all carpets and floor mats
  • Shampoo all upholstery or clean and condition leather seats and trim
  • Clean and condition door panels, console, air vents, dash and steering column
  • Clean windows
  • Door and trunk jambs cleaned
  • Wash and dry exterior
  • Clean wheels and apply tire gloss
Time: Approximately 4 hours
#3 Deluxe Wax Package - $74.95

  • Full service silver wash
  • Surface preparation: bugs, tar, etc.
  • Apply polish to exterior surface
  • Apply wax to exterior surface
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Polish chrome wheels
Time: Approximately 2 hours
Note: This package will not detail the interior.
Express Maintenance Services:
  • Express Hand wax and buff:
  • Express Carpet shampoo:
  • Express Seats shampoo:
  • Express Leather seat:
  • Express Hand Wax & Go:
  • XL vehicles add $10.00 to each service
A La Carte Services:
  • Engine cleaning:
  • Note: AutoShine assumes no responsibility
  • Interior vinyl treatment:
  • Wheel polishing:
    Starting at $5.00
    per wheel
  • Tar removal:
    Starting at $5.00