AutoShine Fundraising:

Download a PDF Application for AutoShine's Fundraising Program

If your latest fundraiser has been a wash out, it's time to clean up with Auto Shine Car Wash's Fundraising program.

At Auto Shine Car Wash we're committed to giving back to the community. We help charities and schools with fundraising events. Here are some of the things we can do to make your next event a splashing success!

We donate car wash gift cards for raffles or door prizes at your event. Your organization sells our car wash gift cards and raises unlimited money year round for your cause.

Fast and Easy!
It only takes 30 days to have a very successful fundraiser. At Auto Shine Car Wash we know that if it isn't easy, it won't work. And best of all everyone needs a clean car!

Who Qualifies:

  • Schools
  • Church Groups
  • Athletic Teams
  • Any Non-Profit Organization

How it Works
Auto Shine Car Wash supplies your organization with special fundraising prepaid cards. Sell as many as you can, as they never expire! You have a one-month selling period after which you turn in any unsold fundraising cards. A simple program with big results!

How Your Organization Benefits:

  • By raising large sums of money quickly.
  • No order taking. Just sell preloaded fundraising cards.
  • No time consuming call backs to deliver merchandise.
  • You'll be offering a quality product with an established business.
  • Everyone needs a car wash and we're in your neighborhood.
  • You'll give your contributors something of real value for their contributions.

How Much Can You Make?
Sell 50 Exterior Complete Washes @ $16.95......Earn $423
Sell 100 Bronze Washes @ $16.95 ....................Earn $847.50
Sell 100 Silver Washes @ $21.95 ......................Earn $1097.50

Unlimited earnings as your organization gets half for every car wash sold.

Program Restrictions:

  • Fundraising cards may NOT be sold on the premise of Auto Shine Car Wash or within 500 feet.
  • Tickets are good at Auto Shine Car Wash located in Radford. If lost or stolen, Auto Shine Car Wash can't be responsible and will NOT reimburse or refund any values.
  • The cards are valid for services listed on cards ONLY.
  • The cost of each card is printed on the cards. The Charity is expected to sell them for the value printed on each card. Any donations made above the amount printed on each card are permitted.
  • No cards may be sold within Auto Shine Car Wash location. There are to be NO EBAY sales or other comparable online sales.
  • All sales must conclude within 30 days to receive a refund on any unsold cards.

How To Get Started:

  • Decide when you would like to run your fundraising program. We give you one month to sell your coupons.
  • Complete the Fundraising Application given to you by Auto Shine.
  • Decide how many fundraising cards you're organization believes it can sell. There is a 50 card minimum purchase. We do sell them in increments of 10 above the 50 card minimum purchase.
  • Pre pay for fundraising cards and start selling it's that easy.


  • Participation of the Fundraising program acknowledges that you have read and understand all rules for participation.